Health in summer

Lemon in the summer

🍋 1 lemon in the summer .

In summer the lemon scent has a great advantage. This gives relief from the heat giving the throat coolness but do you know that if you consume 1 lemon every day, it will have many health related benefits. You can also take this 1 lemon with empty stomach and food. Keep in mind that you have to take only one lemon all day. In the summer, many people suffer from anxiety, dizziness and fatigue. If they are consuming a lemon in their food or empty stomach, then you can avoid this problem. Those who feel jealousy in urine can get rid of this problem. A lemon can prove to be a panacea for them. Some lemon pieces are thus … 1 lemon acts in the summer to eliminate the infusion of the stomach. 2. Lemon helps in the body to cure the lack of water and vitamin C. 3. It cures many diseases related to skin in summer.

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